Custom Kitchens by Bob

I had an art background, and a little bit of architectural stuff in college, and it kind of blossomed, I kind of fell in to it. And it’s like most things; over time you learn, and learn to develop. You study, you read, and you perfect it over a period of time, and as time goes on you learn that the most important qualities about doing any type of format design, is coming up with something and working with a customer, that they want; trying to fit in the best form of a design for the customer that’s going to benefit them in the long-run. I try to work for the customer, I try to make sure that that customer is satisfied with what I’m doing. I try to always do something unique. Every job is a part of me; best way to explain it. When I do a job, it’s part of my personality that’s in the job. I take great strides in to doing the best I can for each and every customer. It’s like part of me; it becomes part of me. It’s a process at getting an understanding of the customers, it’s a process because I’m invading their home. I’m disrupting their whole house; the whole, way things happen every day. The day they come from work and they come in and all of it is a mess, and so my job is to get in and make that whole process as smooth as possible for them, to alleviate that frustration, and to make sure they’re happy when I’m done. Most of the kitchens that I do come out better than I even think they are going to come out, so it’s kind of a surprise for me as well. A husband called me on the phone, and I said ‘What’s up?’ and he says ‘well, my wife’s been crying for three days...’ I said ‘what? what do you mean crying for three days?’ he said that ‘She’s so happy, with her kitchen, she sits at the counter where you opened up that wall, and she sits there and she stares at her kitchen, and she looks at the way her kitchen was and the way it is now and she has tears in her eyes, I just wanted to call and thank you.