Complete Exterior Refresh

The people who came out were just very nice. They had a good product they showed us. They sat down with us and spent all the time we wanted, and answered all our questions, and we were pretty impressed with them when they came out and talked to us. They brought nice products out and samples of the windows. It was a little higher than some places, but you know for the quality we figured we got, it was worth the difference in the price. They had lots of people working here at one time. Within a month they were done with the siding, windows and everything. Very good company, and very responsive. Neat, picked up everything and there were no problems with the yard afterwards. Actually as we talked to them and we said ‘Do you think we could do it this way instead?’ and they made some minor changes. I was talking to them, when it’s winter time, we lock them up, we don’t feel any cold air come in. My brother in fact got new windows in his house, from our recommendation. We did have a couple of things here and there, over the years,and called them to come out and fix it, and they came right out, took care of it. I guess if nothing else, the service that Custom Remodelers gives us afterwards has been spectacular. We couldn’t be happier.