Beautiful Kitchen Remodel

We had a very positive experience working with CRI. Bob was the project manager. He came out, was with us from beginning to end. He was the one who envisioned what we could do with this project. Within the first few minutes he had in his mind how it was going to look. I got a notion that he envisioned it just about exactly the way it looks today. He was very good on the follow-up, came in on the day that he said. It was just very remarkable. Bob was very easy to get along with. We were real pleased with the quality of the products that were brought into the kitchen; cabinetry, countertops, the flooring. The quality is very very high. And we are real pleased with the workmanship of the people who were in and out, both putting together the cabinetry, the trim, the staining, the finishing touches. We have friends and neighbors who stopped by and they’re amazed. They just did a really nice job.