Complete Home Remodel

At the state fair last year we ran across Custom Remodelers and they sent Bob out here, and Bob and Jodie clicked, what every you want to call it, and came up with some ideas. And so what started off as fixing this room up, and a couple bathrooms, ended up being a total remodel project. And I guess mainly because of the crews, I mean everything they did you can see was top shelf. They had great ideas, great vision on what it should look like. Their attention to detail was phenomenal. They gave us exactly what we wanted. The crews were very good, very professional. It’s not a huge house but they made it look bigger. Everybody, (it was unbelievable) the sheet-rockers, the tile guys, everybody was outstanding, and just really fun to work with. Bob was in contact with us pretty much daily. He’s like family now. Instead of a thirty year old house, it looks brand new, the entire house. It’s just exactly what I wanted.