Tour Custom Remodelers

What do you like about working with Custom Remodelrs? “Helping people beautify their home, and help them take care of some of the things they otherwise wouldn’t know how or might be intimidated to take care of.” -Dennis “I could work probably anywhere I wanted, but this is a company that, every body is smiling.” -Steve “I love working here. Everyone is really down to earth, and very light hearted and funny, but everyone gets their work done at the same time. It’s a great environment to work in.” -Kate “The people in general are interesting, and some of their quirkiness comes out when they have certain requests for some of our jobs, and it just tickles me. I just think it’s fun.” -Judy “It’s good to see when you can do a project for a customer, and see their face, and sometimes you get a tear in their eye.” -Bob “It’s just an excellent organization. it’s dedicated to the customers and their employees. They just take good care of all of the above.” -Malcolm “It’s pretty much just family oriented. It’s the comradery, and we’re out there to help people.” -Todd What do you think is different about Custom Remodelers? “Best thing about this is that everybody that does anything is a professional in that field. Our gutter guys do just gutters, our window guys just do windows. Our roofers are real roofers, and our siding guys are siding guys.” -Steve “At Custom Remodelers we use a lot of local products. A lot of our products are made very locally, actually our windows are actually made down in Mankato Minnesota.” -Mike “They’re very good windows for Minnesota. They’re specifically made for how cold it gets and how hot it gets. So the glass and the frames are made specifically for the extreme weather changes that Minnesota has.” -Katie “We have customers that come back in years and years later. We get people coming in off the street all the time. Being in business as long as we are, and owning a warehouse. We have a parts bin in the back. We had a guy come in a couple months ago and he had a patio door handle in his hand and he goes ‘Do you have one of these still?’ and I said ‘Well I have no idea, but lets go look.’ So the customer and I went in the warehouse and we both started arms deep into the bins and started digging around and we found a box for him, twelve years ago, and there’s this patio door handle.” -Chase